Blockchain solution design and development.


The design pattern for data that is transforming industries across the world and ushering in a new age of decentralized applications. We’re familiar and comfortable working with a variety of Blockchain technologies to best suit a particular usage.

Smart Contract

Harness immutable operations and self-executing business logic to streamline functions. Smart contracts are a dependable solution for automating repetitive actions and tasks while ensuring the integrity and validity of the processed data.

Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain like consensus may be desired in scenarios where sensitive data and transaction records should be kept private. Permissioned or Distributed Ledgers present a hybrid approach that is ideal for enterprises and can be more easily tailored to specific use cases.

We facilitate participation in disruptive technologies.

How we work

Blockchain Labs empowers organisations to lead the disruption as we explore niche solutions that will have a broad impact

Utilize our expertise and experience to make sense of Blockchain applications for your industry. We help businesses crunch through the hype and settle on an efficient solution for specific use cases.


Blockchain Labs uses agile workflows to rapidly prototype and explore suitable options. We leverage a powerful mix of proprietary tools and open-source platforms to build the next generation of applications.


Successfully rolling out a new solution across platforms also entails quality assurance measures, training of staff and follow-up support. Blockchain Labs offers assistance through every stage of the process.

Decipher disruption with workshops and analysis tailored for your industry and organisation. Blockchain Labs can produce a range of custom materials to flatten the learning curve of tomorrow's trends.
Instead of working in isolation, Blockchain Labs will work alongside subject matter experts and cross-sector experts to ensure that learning is shared among the participants and effective solutions are deduced.
R & D
In partnership with AUT and other organizations, researchers will continue to explore the next iteration of these technologies and pursue solutions to meet the use case demands of both private & public sectors.

Our Team

the experts behind Blockchain Labs

Mark Pascall


Marc Griffiths

Solution Architect

Klaus Hott

Smart Contract Developer/Auditor

Blockchain Blog

Industry Analysis, Commentary, Events, and Workshops

Our Partners

In collaboration with 3months, BraveNewCoin and AUT, researchers will be working on the cutting-edge of Blockchains and related technologies.

Moving Forward

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Whether you’re interested in learning about Smart Contracts, Blockchains, or other aspects of decentralized technologies, the experts at Blockchain Labs are available to provide clarity and assistance.

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